Why Buy an Italian Leather Sofa? – A Guide to the Pros and Cons of Luxury Leather

If you own a home, you’re probably going to need a sofa in it sooner rather than later. Whether you’re planning on having kids or doing a lot of entertaining, a sofa is a must-have piece of furniture. The good news is, there are so many different kinds of sofas to choose from. The bad news is, there are a lot of different kinds of sofas to choose from. So many that it can be a little daunting. What makes an Italian leather sofa any different from a modern leather sofa or an Edwardian leather sofa or a transitional leather sofa? Is there even a difference between all of these types? And how do you know which one is right for you? We’re here to help.

What is a Leather Sofa?

Leather sofa Brown Color with Stool A sofa is a piece of furniture designed to sit on and be used by one or more people. Traditionally, sofas have been designed to be used as a seating option for people, with a back and a few armrests for support. In recent years, designers have been taking liberties with the definition of what a sofa can be, and many modern sofas have no back, or feature a contoured, flexible design that allows the sofa to be used as an ottoman or coffee table. Regardless of whether they have arms or not, sofas are found in a wide variety of styles, including modern, traditional, and transitional. Sofa shapes and sizes can vary depending on the need of the user, for example some homes will contain larger sofas ranging from 3-4 seater sofa options, this is to accommodate more guests. Whilst smaller homes and apartments may be happy with a smaller comfortable sofa. Sofas vary in styles depending on aesthetical choices, typically there are modern style sofas which offer smaller details and designs, following a minimalist approach, or traditional larger classic style sofas. Regardless of which you choose, there are a wide range of colours and other alternative styling options to narrow down when searching for your perfect living space seating. One of the main choices you’ll find when shopping for a sofa is, what material to choose. Whilst the choice of colours is endless, finding the right material to compliment your home can be tricky. Sofas can traditionally be made from a handful of fine materials including the following:
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • Velvet
However, there are arguably some popular favourites amongst UK homeowners on what they will and won’t choose to feature in their living area. When choosing a Sofa, us Brits like to analyse a range of amenities and features to find the perfect fit. Some homes may require a curved sofa, which slots nicely into their living room space, whilst other families may require adjustable headrests. The qualities we search for when it comes to sofa selection are endless. Leather sofas are one of the most popular home choices for sofas. They’re a classic choice that come with a variety of options and styles, from colours, sub-materials, shapes and sizes. Traditional leather sofas are made from the tanning or chemical treatment of animal skins, most commonly cattle, sheep or pigs, however, leathers can also be made from aquatic animals such as Alligators and seals. Leather sofas are known to be durable and sturdy, and are highly recommended for households with small children or animals, as their lack of fabric means stains are quick and easy to wipe away. Real leather sofas are often harder to find, as the quality of leather drastically increases the value of the soft leather sofa, they’re seen as highly sought after pieces of furniture.

What is an Italian Leather Sofa?

Tancredi Sofa 3 Italian leather is known for its distinctive sheen and unique design, making it a popular choice for furniture such as sofas. The Italian leather sofa is a luxury option that is commonly found in homes that have more expensive tastes. The Italian leather sofa often features a high-quality top and a soft, down-like feel to the underside. This allows the sofa to be comfortable to sit on, while keeping its shape for years to come. The feel of an Italian leather sofa is so distinctive that it can often be distinguished from other types of leather six months after its purchase. Italian leather, to be put simply is produced in Italy. Italy is known for their incredibly tanneries when it comes to leather, and are even known for their own method of tanning called ‘vegetable tanning‘. An Italian Sofa is also impossible to mistake, it comes with it’s distinguished smell, which makes faux leather easy to determine when purchasing. One of the reasons Luxury Italian leather is well renowned against standard leather is for it’s sheer quality in comparison. Italian leather will use full grain hides, which is known to be the best form of Leather imaginable, it is deep in colour and tone, and process them in a way softer form. Overall this means the leather made for the sofa will be softer to the touch and far comfier than traditional (often hard feeling) regular leather.

What are the best Sofa options?

Sofa in a living room If you’re still unsure on whether or not Italian leather is the Sofa for your home, then that’s fine! There are countless alternative sofa options, such as classic fabric sofas which can also be made with a variety of different materials. The most popular sofa choices include luxurious sofas such as Velvet, in recent years the rise of velvet sofas have skyrocketed, with Grey velvet sofas becoming somewhat of a UK trend, crushed velvet sofas are the latest addition to any modern living room and are often found paired with grey accessories and even flooring. Whilst velvet is very much in, another favourite material by homeowners is standard cotton, it’s natural and durable. Making it a great choice for busy households with children and pets, as it’s likely to withstand running, jumping and diving. Not to mention cotton sofas are easily dyed to a variety of colours making them applicable for so many different aesthetics. And finally, you guessed it. Leather. Leather sofas are a hallmark for traditional homes, they offer great stylish additions to any living room, study or reading area and are available in a variety of styles, with classic or modern twists. You are able to find reclining 3 seater leather sofas, or more traditional 2 seater static sofas. Modern leather sofas are also now available with USB charging ports and chaise foot rests for maximum technology amenities and comfort, making them the perfect addition to your relaxing environment. Leather sofas are most commonly found in households with children, pets or general clumsy homeowners who enjoy being able to simply clean and wipe away spills rather than spending extended time bleaching, washing and spraying down the material in the hopes that the spaghetti stain might eventually become unnoticeable ( it won’t!).

Pros of Italian Leather Sofa

  • Luxurious materials: The Italian leather sofa is made up of the finest materials. It’s covered with an oiled finish on the exterior, and it’s filled with top-quality polyurethane foam on the inside. The oiled finish is designed to keep the leather from getting scuffed or stained, while preventing the sofa from losing its shine.
  • Beautiful designs: The Italian leather sofa’s designs are striking and luxurious. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, including modern, transitional, and traditional. Some sofas feature ornate designs, while others are more minimalist. Regardless of the style, the designs on the Italian leather sofa are sure to complement your home.
  • Durable: The Italian Design is a durable option that can be used for years. Whilst it still might experience levels of cracking later on in life, the deep rich tones will keep their original shade for years to come, and with the proper care and treatment will be a solid choice for 25+ years.
  • Responsive: The feel of the Italian leather sofa is beautiful, soft, and responsive. It has a tight weave, which allows the leather to respond to the touch, making it one of the most comfortable types of leather. The feel is so good that it’s often referred to as “the cat’s meow,” given the sensation it gives.

Cons of Italian Leather Sofa

  • Expensive: The Italian leather sofa is a luxury option that’s often sold at a premium price. It’s often sold at a higher price than other types of leather sofas. This is due to the time and labour hours made into producing the finest leather outcomes.
  • Takes a long time to get broken in: The Italian leather sofa is a more delicate option that takes a long time to get broken in.

Final word

To sum up, Italian Leather Sofas are highly sought after, quality sofas. With multiple advantages from design style, to luxurious feel and even hygiene and cleanliness. They’re overall the perfect choice for families, and those who enjoy maximum comfort without having to compromise on modern amenities. If you are looking to purchase an authentic Italian Leather Sofa, don’t be put off with the initial price tag. Do your best to source and find local suppliers who can offer custom or bespoke prices, and ultimately understand that the price tag may be heavier, but this is for a longer purchase. Whilst a typical sofa on average may last a family for 10 years, and Italian Leather Sofa has a life expectancy of 25+ years.