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Whether you’re a devoted reader or a big-time gamer, our stylish, comfortable and high-quality armchairs are the perfect place to rest your head – choose from leather armchairs or fabric armchairs for versatile styling possibilities.

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For ultimate comfort, choose from a variety of styles and colours with big name brands such as La-Z-Boy. With selection like this in leather or fabric, you can find a piece for any space in your home. With swivel chairs for every need and recliner chairs for absolute relaxation, there’s no excuse not to treat yourself!

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Armchair Collection

You’ll never find quality furniture like this. Whether you’re looking for a reclining armchair from the best Italian leather, or an accent chair that sits by the fireplace as the perfect reading spot, our Armchair collection will hold the perfect design for you.

Take a look at our wide range of comfortable armchairs.

  • Leather Armchairs

If you’re looking for a rustic addition to your vintage and classic home, then look no further, the leather armchair collection pairs well with deep wooden tones and neutral colours, it’s used best as a reading recline chair and can be paired well with our range of large leather sofas, all at competitive prices.

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Our quality is just as good as the price and our prices are the lowest around. Pick up a leather armchair for your home today. The armchair collection pairs well with deep wood tones and neutral colours.

Save up to 50% on high-quality leather armchairs.

  • Velvet & Fabric Armchair

Want to find the best corner sofa for your modern living space? whether you’re looking to replace your favourite chair or add a new addition to your home, the fabric armchair collection offers incredible value for money. It’s best used as the ‘cuddle chair’ ideal for curling up and watching movies, known as the most comfy chair.

  • La-Z-Boy Armchairs

Our lazy boy armchairs are the most affordable armchair sale in the UK. La-Z-Boy rise and recline chairs are most known for providing the next level of comfort, showcased on a number of television shows as the latest design in furniture history, Lazy Boy chairs coming accompanied with cushioned seats for extra comfort, electric recliner functionality, footstool, speakers and even vibration options.

Our La Z Boy chairs are made from high quality leather, and could make an incredible option for a home gaming chair.


What is the difference between armchair and chair?

An armchair in simple terms has support for both the arms and elbows, typically we see armchairs being part of living room interior designs, as opposed to chairs which are mostly wooden chairs used at the dinner table or in an office setting as an office chair.

Do all armchairs recline?

No, not all armchairs recline, however most typically Italian leather armchairs will have a recline option, or a duplicate model which has a rise and recline feature.

What are the most common features of armchairs?

Armchairs are known for their seat depth, meaning it’s padded with extra comfort to sink into the chair. Armchairs will also often come with footstools and be either a ‘rise and recline’ chair or a manual recliner chair which gives the user the option to extend an extra foot rest for additional comfort.
Most armchairs are solid and sturdy, however there are hybrid armchairs that are known as ‘swivel armchairs’ which allow the user to turn in different directions.
Some armchairs can extend in to sofa beds, however this is not common and should not be used for sleeping, unless stated otherwise.

How much are electric recliner armchairs?

An electric recliner chair can price between £200 – £5,000 depending on the quality of accent armchair you’re searching for. It is most known that the massage chairs and massage recliners with additional features will be significantly more expensive. However, simple traditional electric recliner chairs will on average cost £400.