Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofa Collection

Looking to find the perfect sofa this year? why settle for anything less than the best seater fabric sofas in South Wales.

Explore a wide range of colours, styles and fabrics with Prima Sofa Outlet, you’ll find a quality piece of furniture for an affordable price. 

Our fabric corner sofa range are the most popular amongst our customers, with the classic grey fabric sofa being one of our most popular products.

We have a wide collection of fabric sofas available, choose from our many different makes, models and styles including:

Velvet Sofa Range

Velvet has an elegant and charismatic design, with crushed velvet materials available in an array of brighter colours such as light grey & ivory.

Sofa Linen Fabric

Whilst linen is slightly less in demand that velvet or cotton, linen sofas offer a wide choice of neutral colours such as classic black fabric sofa and  contemporary cream fabric sofa, making the perfect subtle and chic chaise sofa option for any modern design home.

Polyester Fabric for Sofa

Our polyester sofas include our fantastic Calia Italia brands, and our much loved fan favourite the ‘Nicolas‘ which is a seater 6 seater fabric sofa – grey and dark grey tones made from lightweight 100% polyester layer. Polyester fabric is a good quality affordable alternative to deeper fabric sofas, and when paired with the correct sofa cushions are an excellent addition to your busy living space.

Fabric Sofa Set Decoration

Decorating your home with fabric seater sofa designs are easy, affordable and provide a great aesthetic. Choose from the seater size you require such as 2-seater fabric sofa to our largest sofa sizes of 6 seaters. You can then pair your new fabric corner sofa with a selection of scatter cushion or seat cushion styles. Our collection of sofas means you’ll be able to find the perfect dream sofa to fit your homes design whether that’s using a soft cloth material that matches your subtle designs or deep velvet materials to opt for a bold extra touch in your modern design vision home.


Touch of Comfort:

If you haver comfort in mind, then choosing a fabric sofa or fabric corner sofa is the best option for you and your family, take it from the furniture experts, you’ll find that extra comfort from our luxury fabric recliner sofas. For truly amazing comfort, in a range of 1 – 6 seater fabric sofas, explore our high quality sofa brands that offer the long lasting bit of comfort your home needs.

Delivery Services

When you buy at Prima Sofa Outlet, we’ll ensure that our delivery staff are hands on with your order from the get go, depending on your order time we’ll aim to provide 1-day delivery or 2-day delivery, for quick transport of your brand new stylish sofas.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning 

As we all known, accidents can happen, especially in a family friendly home. That’s why buying a Fabric sofa can often be a bit daunting, with the stress of stains and spills, however, with our high quality fabric you’ll be able to restore your sofa fabric to brand new condition after a quick once over with a damp cloth and a drying microfiber cloths. Alternatively all of our sofas work well with steam cleaners and professional cleaning services. There’s no need for harsh cleaning solution products on our washable covers, simply remove and wash by hand or by washing machine.

Family Friendly 

If you have a large family, and enjoy cinematic movie nights curled up on the sofa, the 2-6 seater fabric sofa collection is the perfect fabric sofa for you and the whole family. In a wide array of styles, you can design the best family suited living room at home for affordable prices when you shop at Prima Sofa‘s Sofa Shop. Our traditional 3-seater fabric sofas are the ideal piece of furniture suited for  a small sufficient space, whilst a large living room could benefit from the fabric corner sofa suite.

You can shop by range, size and colour palette, online or in-store.